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The book: Inkoop voor verkopers

“A must for every salesman”

I was unaware that there was so much to learn about sales. In this book you will learn about the purchaser in a fast and comprehensible way. The case examples are fun just as the tips and tricks that will be helpful in daily practice.

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Dealing with Procurement

See through the eyes of the purchaser and examine how a purchaser determines his strategy and what his visions on sales are. What types of purchaser are there and what types of salesman matches with each purchaser? What induces purchasers? Is it really all about the price and how will you be able to deal with this?


The procurement process

What are the different stages in the procurement process and what are the activities of the purchaser in those stages? Recognize the stages as a salesman and determine in what stage the puchaser is in, in order to anticipate in the best way possible.

Very different approach to that of standard sales training- Phillip Isabelle, Product Development Manager, LeasePlan Corporation N.V.
Provided a good structure to use with many prospects. Great day with colleagues and great trainer- Catherine Hiles, Account Director New Business, Leaseplan UK
Aligned perfectly for long term strategic prospecting- Andrew Johnston, Business Development Director, LeasePlan UK
Role play provided great opportunity to practice, best feature of the day- Richard Christensen, Leaseplan New Zealand
The best was the feed-back from a professional (Anton) after the role-play - Heiko Grabolle, Key Account Manager Sales, Leaseplan Deutschland
My team will be more effective in closing the sale- Maura Geerstma, Senior Vice President, Sales – EMEA, BCD Travel

Verbeter uw resultaat met +CLICK!

+ Inkooptraining voor Verkopers

+ Inkooptraining voor Verkopers

Leer hoe de verschillende type inkopers denken, werken en hun strategie bepalen Breng deze kennis in praktijk door tijdens de training te oefenen met een ervaren inkoper.

+ Waarde verkopen

+ Waarde verkopen

Tijdens de training Value Based Sales & Account Management leert u  hoe u de toegevoegde waarde van uw product of dienst voor uw klant kunt bepalen en dit succesvol overbrengt aan uw klanten.

+ De Onderhandelgame

+ De Onderhandelgame

Wie bereikt het beste resultaat voor zijn organisatie, zijn team maar ook voor zichzelf? In deze onderhandeltraining gaat het om het resultaat.

+ Category Management

+ Category Management

Maak binnen 3 maanden Category Plan en leer hoe een diepgaande analyse kan leiden tot een grote bijdrage aan de business.

+ Leads Genereren

+ Leads Genereren

De training leads genereren is gebaseerd op de kennis die +CLICK heeft van inkooporganisaties, het inkoopproces en de waardeketen bij uw klanten. Na deze training bent u in staat om de leads te genereren waarvan u weet op welke wijze u waarde kunt toevoegen. U weet hoe u van deze leads klanten kunt maken in een vroeg stadium van het inkoopproces.



De trainers van CLICK! hebben allen meer dan 15 jaar praktijkervaring in het vakgebied waarin ze training geven. Ze kunnen dus als geen ander de link leggen tussen uw praktijksituatie en de theorie.

Type of purchaser

Often we notice that salesmen and marketers do not know how to deal with a purchaser. Frequently the perception is that it is all about the price for purchasers. However, purchasers are not to tar with one brush. They could be understood more easily when we divide them into 4 types where each type is dependent on his strategy and deals witg his organization in his own way.


How do purchasers manipulate salesmen

“See through the eyes of a purchaser

Salesmen carefully consider their potential clients. They ask themselves: is this the right customer to do business with? The other way around, the clients understandably do the same thing. Purchasers look at salesmen in a specific way and utilise sly tactics to move salesmen toward conssessions.


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